Ninety-second day of work selfie

I got this colourful dress at the Fiji Day festival at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby a few weeks ago.  I wore it to the Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday because it’s so bright and colourful.  My matching blue cardigan is from Ross Dress For Less in the States.  My necklace is from UBC and my earrings are from Claire’s.  My bracelet is from Sears and my ring is from the Blim Market festival downtown.  I finally washed my hair this weekend and then straightened it myself.  I will never be able to get it back to salon quality, but at least it still looks decent.  I got a shellac manicure and pedicure at Beauty Lounge in Richmond yesterday with a Groupon I bought.  This bright royal blue is my favourite colour.  Hopefully it will last for a while. 

I got a pedicure

After a long day of working and volunteering, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure.  Well also, I bought a voucher from TastyGo a while ago that I had yet to use.  I tend to have a bit of a problem when it comes to purchasing online deals like Groupons, Indulge Living dealsSocialShopper deals, and so on and so forth.  I mean, I forgot I even had a TastyGo account.  And then I always end up checking my accounts at the last minute and realizing that I have a voucher that will soon expire.  This particular one expires in June.  However, I have another pedicure voucher from TeamBuy that also expires in June.  So I had to use one of them now.

The place I went today was Illusion Studio and Spa on West Broadway.  It was nice there. I picked out my polish, and then made my way over to the chair.  In the past I’ve often opted for red polish, because it’s just so classic, but lately I’ve been opening up my colour choices.  I thought a bright blue would be nice for spring.  And I think it was a good decision.  I tested a few shades of blue on my nail, only to realize there was a piece of paper sitting on the counter designated for colour testing.  Oh well.

I think I picked a good colour

I liked the set up they have there, because my chair was faced in good view of the TV.  At first I was disappointed because I thought that the chair was not a massage chair.  And then I noticed the remote carefully hidden at the side and retrieved it as soon as I made this discovery.  I love those massage chairs, pressing random buttons even though you’re never really sure what exactly they’re going to do.  Do they sell those things to normal people, or only supply them at salons?  Because I want one.  At some point the massage chair stopped massaging and it took me a while to notice before starting it up again.  But I did stop it while she was doing the nail art, as the vibration may have caused some disruption.

The TV was on the Food Network.  I think if you’re going to have the channel on the Food Network, you should also have some food available for the people watching.  It’s the decent thing to do.  The show that happened to be on was Family Cook Off, a show I had never watched before, nor will I ever watch it again.  It’s basically two families cooking an entree and a dessert and then the two judges give them points and whichever family has the most points wins the “coveted golden frying pan” and $1000 worth of groceries.  I don’t know why but that seems like kind of a lame prize to me.  I mean I’d rather have the $1000 so I can go buy my own groceries.  Cause I’ll bet the $1000 worth of groceries they get weren’t on sale.  The host of the show is super annoying.  She just keeps bothering the contestants as they’re trying to cook and asking them stupid questions.  The episode I saw was a family of kids against a family of old people.  The kids won.  That’s all I have to say about it.

Pretty nail art that I could never do

So back to my pedicure.  I usually don’t get nail art, but the voucher I bought included it.  Score.  I am quite happy with the outcome.  I don’t get pedicures very often, but in the past I’ve had some where they didn’t look that much better than if I had attempted it myself.  Okay, that’s not true, any attempts of mine would be far worse than anything a professional or a normal person could accomplish.  Or anything a drunk or otherwise incompetent person could accomplish.  But some were never really anything special.  This time, they came out pretty and professional looking, and like they’ll last.

For some reason, the woman beside me got a nail dryer after her pedicure to speed up the drying process.  I did not.  I was just left to sit there and let them air dry in their own sweet time.  But I didn’t complain.  It allowed me more time to sit and watch TV in my massage chair.  No complaints there.  I’m pretty sure the staff there made fun of me in another language, but I think that happens to me pretty much at any salon or spa I go to ever.  Or maybe I’m just paranoid.  But she painted my nails so pretty that I don’t care either way.

Not a weather appropriate footwear choice

I brought flip flops to wear after, as you’re supposed to do.  But unfortunately for me, I was taking public transit and it was cold and raining outside.  I probably looked like an idiot with my rain coat, umbrella, and flip flops.  Not exactly weather appropriate footwear.  But whatever.  Why hide a good pedicure?  And it wasn’t terribly cold.  Although my last bus was late so I was standing outside longer than I had expected.  But I figured that if my toes were to turn blue from the cold, they would at least match my toenails.

I am wearing socks right now, so I can’t see the beauty of my toenails at the moment.  Because it’s cold.  And tomorrow I will likely wear boots because it’s supposed to rain.  And the day after that, closed toed shoes of some kind because it might still be cold.  But damn it when the sun is shining and the weather is nice, I will wear my flip flops proudly once again.  Also, the Army & Navy shoe sale starts next week, so at least my feet will look good as I’m trying on shoes.

My feet will look good in so many shoes now

Spa deals

So I sort of have this addiction to online shopping for spa deals.  In the past, I never would have purchased anything online.  I still don’t really, for actual products because I need to see them before I buy them.  But spa deals are different because it’s a service, not an item.  And so I sometimes go a little overboard.  My friend told me earlier this year about, which gives you links to a bunch of deals from various sites like Teambuy and Groupon.  And upon hearing this information, I lost of bit of control.

I’m not a big spender, in that I don’t splurge too often, and I like to find a good deal.  For someone like me, these sites can be disastrous, because they offer you savings and percentages off luxuries that you didn’t think you would be able to afford.  I remember one time going to get a pedicure, something I would do maybe once a year, and I overheard two other customers there talking about how it’s something they do at least once a month.  Really?  Even in the winter?  Who’s looking at your toes in the winter?  But if you can afford it I guess, then why not?

My problem is I’ll buy them and then not use them for months later.  Which really defeats the purpose of saving money on them, since I wait so long before I make use of them.  I still have a Teambuy for a haircut and a pedicure which expires next month.  I better get on that.  It’s a bit of an odd combination, I wonder if they’ll do my toes and my hair at the same time?  I’ve heard that Pink Lime is a good place, so we shall see.  Sometimes I don’t really have time to use them because the places aren’t open late and I work during the day.  But I will figure it out.

I often run into difficulties with all these accounts.  I’m not so good with remembering passwords.  I forgot my Teambuy one and it took a while, getting help from customer service, to actually get it reset.  And then I want to use one of the ones I bought and I can’t remember if it was a Groupon or an Indulgeliving or a Socialshopper deal.  How does one keep track of these things?

It’s often difficult because when I see a good deal, I just want to jump on it right away.  I recently saw one for some sort of hair smoothing treatment.  And then I remembered I had already purchased a hair smoothing treatment that I’ve yet to use.  I guess I should use that one before I buy another one?  But I mean some of these deals only come along every so often, if I don’t buy it now, maybe it won’t be available again when I really do need it?  No, I have self control.  I can wait.  But if it’s not available again when I do want it I will be upset.

It’s actually not that much of a problem really.  I have been using the ones I’ve bought and they have been worth it.  And I actually haven’t bought as many as I’ve made it seem.  And I haven’t purchased one in a while.  I can’t actually remember what or when the last one I bought was.  Well, since it’s been a while, maybe I’ll go check the website now and see what’s available…