All Orbed out

So I sort of went to another Orb clothing sale. I very nearly didn’t. But I did. Don’t give me that look. You knew I would. But this time it was better than last time. Did I spend considerably less money? No, of course not. In fact I think I spent more. But trust me, it really was better.

I went there during the final hour, so as not to give myself ample time to shop. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a rack of flojos flip flops. Funny how after the shoe sale, I was like I’m done with shoes, and that’s the first thing I go for at the Orb sale. Go figure. They were 3 for $25. I considered buying 6, but felt that would be too excessive. See, better.

What was different about this sale, was that I wasn’t seeing many things I really wanted. Maybe, as my friend would say, I was all orbed out. Usually I would grab 10 different tops to try on. But I didn’t. I tried on some pants and some shorts, which I am in desperate need of right now. But they didn’t fit right. I wasn’t expecting them too. Oh well.

They did have some great jackets there though. Go figure, jackets when it’s now summer. Although it doesn’t feel like summer, so maybe jackets weren’t such a bad idea. I bought this awesome jean jacket that I absolutely love. I’ve worn it twice already. And I plan to wear it many more times.

So all I bought for myself were 2 jackets and some flip flops. Not bad, right? The other jacket is waterproof and can withstand 2000mm of rain, according to the waterproof rating. That’ll come in handy, right? So how did I spend more than the last time? Well this time, I wasn’t selfish.

It was Father’s Day. And I felt badly about buying things for myself. So I bought a couple shirts for my dad. And my brother had been complaining about how he needed a new backpack. So I bought him one, and one for my sister who needed one too. And I got her a waterproof jacket too, since I didn’t really get her anything for her birthday, although apparently it’s the wrong size. I could keep it for myself, but I don’t need another one. Hopefully my friend will buy it off me.

And I also bought some scarves for my mom since she likes scarves and I didn’t want to not get her anything. Also I can borrow the scarves. For my twin brothers, I didn’t get them anything. Because there was really nothing there for eleven year olds. And I don’t think they have that much homework that they needed big, good quality backpacks. Not yet anyway. Dakine makes good backpacks, and they were 50% off at the sale.

But here’s the part where I failed majorly. I. Forgot. My. Visa. Yeah. What the fuck, right? What kind of idiot forgets their visa when they’re going to a sale? That’s pretty much like the equivalent of forgetting my phone. Which is of course unheard of. But I had my debit card. But I didn’t have enough money in my account. Fail!

Luckily, my friend was kind enough to put it on her card & lend me the money. I am so grateful, because not everyone would do that. I can think of other people who if I’d gone shopping with them would have just been like that’s too bad or just told me off for being stupid. I am so thankful that my shopping buddy is not like that. I feel like sometimes we enable each other with our shopping addictions, but we can also be a good voice of reason for each other as well. It’s okay, the shopping habit is under control. Although Orb is having another sale next weekend in White Rock… But that’s way too far to drive to be worth it… Right?