Happy Easter

So I don’t actually know if this post will end up being about Easter or not.  I don’t really know what it’s going to be about, didn’t plan it really.  But it’s rare that I ever had a set out plan as to how anything will go.  But it happens to be Easter Sunday today, so I figured “Happy Easter” would be an appropriate title.

People don’t really write Easter cards or Easter letters to people, do they?  That’s never been a thing, right?  Not like Christmas.  But then I never send Christmas cards or Christmas letters to people either.  In the past I’ve expressed my dislike of those generic Christmas letters that people send out to friends and family.  Imagine if they sent those out for Easter as well, detailing how the first three months of the new year have been for them so far.

I kind of set a goal for myself, that I would stop putting off certain things I’ve been neglecting and try to be more decisive about things once Easter came around.  Easter seemed like a good time, spring is here, the sun is shining.  Actually I don’t know what that has to do with anything really.  But oh well.  I know people usually set these sort of goals for the new year, but clearly that didn’t happen.  This year didn’t exactly start out as great as it could have.

And then I watched that 30 Rock episode about leap day, where they said “real life is for March”.  And I thought, yeah, real life is for March, come March, I will get my shit together, pursue things, stop being so lazy.  But that didn’t happen either.  So I thought maybe I’d wait for April.  But that would mean starting April 1st.  And clearly that would just be a joke.  So Easter it was.

On another note, I just watched a commercial where a guy in it sort of had a mullet.  And I feel I need to share with you the fact that there was a guy at church with a mullet.  It wasn’t a full on mullet, it was fairly weak.  But it was a mullet nevertheless.  He was there on Good Friday and then again today.  I think that may have been one of the highlights of my Easter.  Because how often do you see a guy with a mullet nowadays?  Not that you’d want to.  I don’t think he’s a regular church goer.  But maybe he’ll be back next Easter?  Or maybe Christmas.  But who knows what hairstyle he’ll be rocking then.

I think I just diverged from the whole point of my post.  But actually I didn’t have a point to this post.  Except to wish everyone Happy Easter I guess.  Maybe I should have just written a blog post about mullets.  That might have been more entertaining.  But there’s no turning back now.  Though I guess I could just delete this and start over.  But then I would have wasted my time.  And that’s something I’m trying to do less of right now.  I’m also trying to stop second guessing myself so much.  But then I wonder if that’s really a good idea.

Anyway, if you celebrate Easter, then I wish you a Happy Easter!  And if you don’t, then I wish you a good day off tomorrow.  And if you have to work tomorrow, then I wish you happy time and a half.  Wait, do you get time and a half tomorrow?  You should.  If you don’t, then I’m sorry.  Have some Easter candy to make yourself feel better.  It should be on sale by tomorrow.

Doesn't this bunny look like it's humping the egg?

Did you miss me?

If you didn’t that’s okay.  I was only gone for a week.  Well I wasn’t actually gone.  I was still here.  I just wasn’t blogging.  I’ve gone longer than a week without it before, it’s no big deal, it happens.  I just got busy.  And then I got lazy.  And then I got sick.  And then I recovered. And then got lazy again.  And none of those states were conducive to blogging and so I neglected to do so.

But I’m back.  Even the most frequent and compulsive bloggers need a break sometimes. A couple people had mentioned to me that they could barely keep up with reading all my posts.  And if people don’t have time to read them, what’s the point in writing them at such a frequency?  So I thought I would do the decent thing and slow things down a little.  Did it help?  Are you all caught up now?  Can I pick up the pace once more?

Maybe some of you didn’t even notice that I stopped.  I’m sure some people may have thought “oh good, she’s finally given up on the whole blogging thing and found something better to do with her life.  Thank God we no longer have to be subjected to the useless thoughts that she feels the need to type out all the time.”  Well sorry to disappoint those people.  I still have nothing better to do with my life.

While sickness is behind me for now, laziness and business face off as they often do.  How can one be both incredibly lazy and incredibly busy at times?  I don’t know, it just happens.  But if you ever see a lag in my posts, you can most likely attribute it to one of the two.  Either I’m not home and therefore not at my computer, or I’m home but have opted for something more productive to occupy my time with, like eating or watching TV.

In any case, just wanted to inform you that I may be resuming to my regular blogging, although perhaps not as frequent as before, to allow for my laziness and/or business.  And also to allow for slow readers.  They deserve some accommodations for their needs as well.  Why should only speed readers be accommodated to?  That wouldn’t be fair at all.  And I am all about fairness.  So if you missed my blogging, stay tuned for more.  And if you couldn’t care less, then why are you still reading this?