Forty-fifth day of work selfie

Of course I had to wear my grey Vero Moda blazer from London Drugs again.  The only thing I don’t like about this blazer is that the pockets are fake.  I love pockets because I always have random stuff with me and they always come in handy, so fake pockets are kind of like a slap in the face.  But it’s okay.  They are forgiven, because this blazer is otherwise just so fabulous.  I feel like this grey goes well with navy, so I paired it with this navy top that I got at La Vie En Rose.  I suppose it’s technically meant as a pajama top or loungewear or whatever, but I felt like it was too nice to have its use be limited to just in the house.  I wanted a really light scarf for that day so I chose my rainbow looking one from the UBC Sub.  And I decided to wear my Swarovski necklace again with my Payless earrings, UBC Sub ring, and Suzy Shier bracelet.  And Marshalls pants.I’m going to miss wearing blazers when the weather gets too hot.

Thirty-sixth day of work selfie

Okay, so this is definitely my new favourite blazer!  I noticed it when I was at London Drugs a few times, and eventually decided to try it on.  Then I didn’t buy it right away, but went back a couple days later and made it mine.  I’ve never bought clothes at London Drugs before.  Usually it’s my main stop for food and health and beauty essentials.  Who knew it was also a great place for professional clothing?  They sell Vero Moda stuff there now for decent prices so this may not be the end of my buying clothing there, since I love Vero Moda and Vero Moda blazers.  Grey may be considered kind of plain, but I just love the shape and the fit of this blazer so much.  I paired it with the blue dress that I had worn on my first day of work with a different Vero Moda blazer.  This dress just seems to go well with blazers.  I got this Swarovski necklace as a Christmas present a few years ago from my cousins.  It’s my favourite shorter necklace and I’ll be wearing it more now that it’s warmer and I don’t need to cover up with scarves.  I got my music note earrings at a jewellery vendor at the PNE last summer, along with a few other random silver earrings in the shapes of various objects.London Drugs might just be my new favourite clothing store.

Dancing in the street

Over a month ago, I went to the Richmond Night Market.  When we were leaving, my friend asked me if I wanted to come to a free swing dance lesson downtown the following afternoon.  She’s been doing swing dancing for quite a few years now with the Vancouver Swing Society.  At first I was hesitant because I’m a terrible dancer.  I wouldn’t say I have two left feet.  I’m pretty sure I have a right one and a left one.  I should know, being a shoe fanatic and all.  And they work perfectly fine, when I’m walking.  But when it comes to dancing, they’re a little slow.  I was assured that no partner and no experience were necessary, which was good since I was lacking both those things.

I decided to wear this awesome shirt that I’d never worn before.  It seemed appropriate for the occasion.  If I was going to do this, why not go all out?

When I went downtown, I noticed a bunch of closing signs for Sears.  I’ve known for a while now that they’re closing but it still makes me sad.

One of my friends had told me that the dancing didn’t cost anything and all I needed to bring with me was bus fare, and money to shop with while I was downtown.  I knew Sears was going to be one of my shopping stops while I was there.

I went to the dance lesson.  We all stood in a circle and then paired up, switching partners throughout the lesson.  Did I mention I suck at dancing?  The people were all really friendly and really patient, which was nice.

There was a booth set up there with a DJ and they played old swing hits from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  That’s totally not my style of music at all but I guess it worked well for the dancing.

There was a random mix of people who stopped by for the lesson.  Some could actually dance and knew what they were doing.  Some were like me and didn’t have a clue.  I remember the instructor saying “If it feels awkward, then you’re doing it right.”  I really wish that applied to life in general, because then that would mean I’ve done everything right my whole life.

There was a sort of routine step that we were taught to follow.  Rock step, step, step, step.   That’s what the instructors announced as we followed what they were doing.  There were also spins.  I remember spins.  I’m bad at spins.  It took me a while to figure out which direction I was supposed to spin in.

After the lesson, there was just free for all dancing while the music played.  I stuck around for that for a bit.  It was fun and different.  More and more people started to join as it went on.

I didn’t stay for too long though because I needed a break.  I’m glad I went though.  When people ask you to dance at swing dancing on the street, it’s less creepy than the ones who try and dance with you at the clubs.  They genuinely enjoy dancing here, and there’s no groping or trying to get you to go home with them.

I decided to wear my comfortable shoes for this.  I bought these with the intent of wearing them to the gym.  But who am I kidding, when am I going to go to the gym?

The dancing tired me out and so I went to London Drugs to get some water.  No one needs 1.5 litres all at once, unless you’re doing the grouse grind, but I bought it anyway and carried it around.

While downtown, I was handed some H&M coupons.  I used them towards socks.  Because you can never have enough socks.
Sadly, I found nothing that sparked my interest at Sears.  Maybe I won’t miss it for the shopping, as I didn’t actually buy much at that location.  I guess I’ll just miss the fact that it’s there.  I wasted time shopping when I could have stuck around and danced some more.  I regret that now, especially since when I walked past them later, they were dancing to Hall and Oates.  I’m sad I missed that.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go attend any of the other Dancing in the Street events this summer.  But apparently you can see me in the Province’s video for the event I did attend.  Just briefly though, I’m awkwardly in the corner.  I also think I still have the coupon they gave me for a free dance lesson.  Anyone want to go swing dancing?

I don’t remember writing 100 blog posts

Apparently this is my 100th blog post. How did that happen? When did that happen? I didn’t realize I’d written THAT many. I feel like maybe the 100th one should be special. Because who knew this blog would live long enough to see its 100th post?

Alas, I have nothing special prepared. I’m not very good at celebrating milestones such as these. Speaking of milestones, there used to be on in Richmond next to the London Drugs but I few years ago they got rid of it. That sucks, because now if I want a Tuesday bellini or a Monday girl’s night out, I have to go to a Vancouver location. Which actually doesn’t suck, since I’m always in Vancouver anyway. Okay I guess it’s not that great of a loss. But if they ever get rid of the London Drugs in Richmond, I will be pissed.

I am about to embark on another successful bus switch. Success! I think getting on the 41 because it comes first and I’m worried the 43 might not come but then it does and I get upset but then bravely get off a few stops later to make the switch, hoping I don’t miss both buses in the process and ultimately succeeding is what I was born to do. Yeah, okay, it’s not much I’m gonna just go ahead and consider it a talent. My parents must be very proud.

Oh no, this is turning into another commuting blog post. There’s nothing special about that. Or is there? I don’t know. What constitutes as special? Maybe I should think on that for a bit before going ahead an publishing this post. Or maybe not. You would think after 100 posts, I wouldn’t be so indecisive. But apparently I am.

You know what, who cares if it’s not special? 100 is just a number anyway. Why should it be any more important than the rest? And if I make it too epic, the 101st post will look bad by comparison. I can’t be setting my standards too high, because then there would be no room for improvement. So I’m just going to go ahead and hit send in efforts to keep things mediocre for the time being.

How I spend my Tuesdays

Today I experienced a bit of deja vu as I was nearing the end of my day.  I seem to have my Tuesday routine down: work, volunteer, miss the bus, Fresh Slice, London Drugs.  In that order.  Except that the Fresh Slice and London Drugs are interchangeable as to the times they occur in that sequence (side note: every time I try to type “Fresh Slice”, I always end up typing “Fresh Slive” instead.  What the hell?  I don’t seem to mess up the “c” and the “v” keys when typing any other words.  I don’t know what the problem is here).

And by routine, I of course mean two Tuesdays in a row.  Crazy, I know.  Maybe the fact that I’ve blogged about it twice makes it seem as though it’s happened more often.  I should actually add to the end of that sequence: come home, eat, watch tv, blog, herbal tea, attempt to sleep, sleep.  Except eat is often repeated after TV, and sometimes after blog.  And sometimes simultaneously occurs along with TV and herbal tea.

Last Tuesday, before I missed the bus, I ran for said bus, knowing all too well that it would not be there when I reached the stop.  Today was similar.  I looked out the window of the Canada Line and saw the 401 sitting there.  I forced the person beside me to get up sooner than he would have liked, so I could assume my position as close to the doors as possible when we pulled to the station.  But instead of running, I fast walked.  Made like I was in a hurry, but not too much of a hurry.  Because I knew that I would miss it, and didn’t want to look like an idiot again when it happened.  But a small part of me hoped that maybe, just maybe, it would stay, and that part of me made me move just a wee bit quicker.

And I noticed other people rushing as well (Oh wait, I lied.  When I tried to type “noticed” I ended up typing “notived”.  Guess I do have a general problem with the “c” and “v” keys after all).  I figured the other people must be trying to catch the bus as well, and if they do indeed make it, they can hold it for me.  But alas, they did not make it either.  Or maybe they weren’t actually running for it.  Maybe they just felt the urge to exercise spontaneously?  Either way, I missed the bus again.  But the fact that I didn’t run this time made it less disappointing.

And of course it also allowed me to make stops at both Fresh Slice (I spelled it right on the first try that time!) and London Drugs.  I was again worried I might miss the next bus while shopping, so I hurried myself to get what I needed, bought my shampoo, and walked back to the bus stop.  Yes, I know I just bought shampoo at London Drugs last Tuesday, so why did I need to buy more.  No, this was not another soap incident.  I will explain in a later post why I felt the need to buy more.

I think this Tuesday tradition that I’ve set up for myself may end here.  Even though it’s only just begun.  My work and volunteer schedules may change.  Which will in turn affect my Fresh Slice and London Drugs frequenting.  Sad, I know.  But maybe it’s for the best.  Maybe I can begin a new routine.  One where I don’t miss the bus, perhaps?  I can dare to dream.

I’m glad I missed the bus

I am unfortunate, in that I rely on public transit.  Daily.  Yes, you may now do the appropriate thing and feel sorry for me.  But do not berate me or tell me I need to get a car.  This will solve nothing, as I will not listen to you.  I’m one of those people who complains about public transit all the time.  But today I’ve decided to focus on the positive for a change.  Yes, apparently I do have it in me to do so.  Who knew?

Commuting is always a struggle.  Because it usually involves several buses and a sky train.  Often it’s bus, sky train, bus.  If you care to know the exact order.  I was on the sky train today on my way home from volunteering (yes, I volunteer, you may now applaud me for being such a caring and selfless person).  The unfortunate thing (one of many) about commuting at night is that the buses run infrequently, more so than throughout the day.  After 8:10pm, the 401 bus that I take only runs every half hour.  And after 10:40pm, it only runs every hour.  And then it stops altogether at 1:44.  Luckily, I was commuting before 10:40, but after 8:10.

It’s always a struggle and a disappointment.  I’ll be on the Canada Line, nearing Brighouse Station, at which point I have to get off, go down the escalator, around the corner, and to my bus stop.  Sounds simple enough.  However, as the train is nearing the station, I look out the window and see the 401 bus sitting there, about to drive away at any second.  And so I push past people, burst out the doors, run down the escalator and around the corner.  Only to discover that the bus is no longer there.  This has happened more often than not.  But on occasion I do get lucky.  As I look out the window and see my bus sitting there, I can never tell whether or not I should run for it.  Apparently today, the correct answer was not.  Unfortunately, I chose incorrectly.

I ran.  Off the train, down the escalator, and around the corner.  Well I didn’t run fast.  I don’t think I’m capable of that.  But even running a little faster probably would not have helped.  It was too late.  I now had 30 minutes to kill.  Obviously I wasn’t going to just stand there for 30 minutes like a complete loser.  I may be a loser who runs for the bus and misses it, but I’m not some loser who stands in the cold doing nothing for half an hour.  I have my pride.

Richmond Centre closes early on Tuesdays, so that was not an option.  The Shoppers Drug Mart is open til midnight, so that was an option.  But I go there all the time since it’s right across the street.  And I had more time to kill than Shoppers would allow me.  So I opted to walk down to London Drugs, as I tend to do if I have a bit more time.  The struggle is always making sure I can complete my trip and still make it back in time for the next bus.  Missing one bus is unfortunate.  Missing 2 buses is just maddening.

Once there, I was able to find some shampoo I wanted, as well as a bunch of random food items.  They had my favourite cookies.  Lemon poppy seed.  In my last post, I had mentioned how I had overcome my need for diversity among cookies, meaning I was perfectly fine with buying several boxes of the same kind.  It seems as though I may have had a relapse.  Dare cookies were 2 for $5.  I bought one lemon poppy seed, and one oatmeal.  I just couldn’t bring myself to buy 2 lemon poppy seed.  Perhaps because I knew I still had some at home and didn’t want to be overly excessive.  And I felt like oatmeal was a healthy option I suppose?  I don’t know why I feel the need to try and justify my cookie buying behaviour.

They also had soup and peanuts and tuna on sale.  So I bought them.  And right as I was going to pay, I noticed the strategically placed vitamin water was also on sale.  I’m a sucker for those things.  So they were purchased as well.  Not only did I get back to my bus stop in time, but I got back with time to spare.  So naturally, I walked into the Fresh Slice that is right by my stop.  It was Festive Tuesday, after all.  And I hadn’t had pesto pizza in a while.  And it was the rare occasion that I had over a dollar of change in my bag to pay for it.

Why am I glad that I missed the bus?  Did you not just hear how much fun I had in those 30 minutes of time I spent waiting?  If I had gotten on that first bus, I would have missed out.  And I feel healthier too.  Because I got exercise from walking to London Drugs and back.  And also from carrying the four bags of stuff I bought there.  And from eating the pizza, since Fresh Slice claims to be “healthy”.  So yes.  I’m quite happy that I missed the bus.  My wallet, however, is not as thrilled.

I would probably fail a drug test

I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my addictions with you.  If you think this is about pot, you’re wrong.  Am I secretly addicted to hard drugs?  No, of course not.  Nothing illegal.  Just something I pick up at the local drug store.  No, not at the pharmacy.  I am not addicted to prescription drugs.  Not yet.  I would hope I still have a few more years until that happens.  Despite what the title may imply, this post is not about drugs of any kind.  Maybe addiction is too strong of a word.  Obsession maybe?

So what am I talking about, if not drugs?  Something simple.  And I don’t need to buy it at the drug store.  Any grocery store will do.  I just usually tend to buy them at London Drugs because they often have good deals on them.  I remember a few months ago, when they first came out, as I made my way down the aisle, they caught my eye.  And it was love at first sight.  At that moment I knew that it was meant to be.  And when I went home and opened the box, it was love at first bite as well.

Dare Simple Pleasures Moments lemon poppy seed cookies.  Yes, rather a long name.  But I have to specify the brand and all that, you know, so you don’t mistake my description for some other random lemon poppy seed cookie.  I would hate for you to think it was something different from the ones I actually mean.  Anyway, these are my new favourite cookies.  I remember the first time I bought them they were a really good price.  And then soon after, the price was jacked way up.  I suppose I was not the only one who soon realized how great they really were.  Lucky for me, London Drugs often has them on sale at 2 for $5, which is really quite a bargain.  I stock up whenever I see this, even if I already have some at home.  One can never have enough.

Perhaps this is why I’ve referred to it as a sort of addiction.  Whenever I see them, I have to buy them.  And whenever I buy them, I have to eat them.  And both the acts of buying them and eating them excite me.  It’s like the name indicates, they’re simple, but they bring you a moment of pleasure.  I could eat the whole box in one sitting.  I don’t, because I shouldn’t.  But I could.  I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten half a box in one sitting before.  And by sitting, I mean standing and waiting at the bus stop.  Hey, I need some way of passing the time while waiting for the bus.

Dare simple pleasures moments also has cranberry with chamomile and creme brulee flavoured cookies.  But neither of these come close to the lemon poppy seed ones.  The creme brulee were alright, but the cranberry chamomile I didn’t really care for.  But due to some weird thinking I have, since they were 2 for $5, I somehow felt the need to buy 2 different flavours.  But after doing so, I realized that I would be stuck with the second flavour, while the lemon ones were finished right away.  I have since overcome this need for diversity among cookies and have come to accept that lemon poppy seed are the only ones for me.

You’re probably still wondering about the title of this post.  Why would I fail a drug test?  Did I use the wrong title on this blog post?  Was the title supposed to actually be “I love lemon poppy seed cookies!”?  No.  I meant what I said.  The connection is the fact that there are poppy seeds in the cookies.  And consuming a large amount of poppy seeds can  cause a false positive in a drug test.  I think back to the Seinfeld episode, where Elaine tests positive after eating poppy seed muffins.  I’m not sure what the actual amount is that you need to consume.  I’m probably nowhere near there.  Yet.  But if I continue with the path I’m on, I may get there faster than I think.  If I even do need to take a drug test, I just hope it’s around the time when these cookies are not on sale.