Free birthday slurpee at 7-Eleven

After having dinner at Pajo’s, I needed to make a stop at 7-Eleven to buy a bus pass for the month of August.  It’s kind of depressing having to spend $110 on your birthday, but that’s what happens when it’s on the very last day of the month.

I went in and asked the clerk for a two zone monthly bus pass for August.  He then informed me that they had sold out for the day.  I was confused.  How do they sell out of August bus passes before August even arrives?  Then he said they had some in a locked box that only the manager could open and that the manager wasn’t there.  He told me they would be available if I came back the following morning.  Except the following morning, it would be August, hence I would require the use of the bus pass to get there.  Fail.

Before I left, I told him that I’d read online that you get a free slurpee on the day of your birthday.  He thought I was talking about the free slurpee day on July 11th and said that it had already happened.  So I clarified and he said “Oh, it’s your birthday?”  I’m not sure if he completely understood me, but he said I could go get a slurpee.  Which I did.  I asked if he wanted to see ID but he said it was fine.  So I got a free white out monutain dew slurpee.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to get it or not, or if he just let me take it because of the lack of bus passes along with the lack of understanding me.  But I have read online that free birthday slurpees really are a thing.  I guess it just helps if they disappoint you in some way by not having the thing you originally came in for.  I didn’t really even want it that much, so I just had a bit and gave the rest to my brother.  Because I’m a nice person.

As for the bus pass, I went to a different 7-Eleven a couple blocks away, where they still had them in stock.  I probably could have tried to get another free slurpee from this location as well, but I didn’t want to be greedy.  One free birthday slurpee is plenty enough.

Free birthday drink from Blenz

Most people know that you can get a free drink on your birthday from Starbucks if you register your card online.  But did you know that you can also get a free drink on your birthday from Blenz?  It’s not as good as the Starbucks deal, but it’s still something.  And there’s no card registration required.  All you need to show for this deal is your ID.

I went to the Blenz in the village at UBC on my lunch break on my birthday.  And I told the barista that I’d read about the deal and asked what exactly I could get.  They only let you choose between a coffee or an Americano, but I managed to get a mango rooibos tea instead.  They don’t do cold drinks for this deal, which is unfortunate if your birthday is in the middle of the summer.  But the tea was still refreshing.  I wonder if other locations allow you to get a cold drink instead or something fancier than just coffee.  I might look into this next year.

You might want to check in advance with your local Blenz as to whether they honour this deal or not, because apparently not every location will.  And it’s only valid on the day of your birthday.  But free is free.  So why not get yourself a drink?

Happy blogoversary to me!

Apparently, one year ago today, I started this blog.  And surprisingly, I’ve stuck with it.  I guess that’s worth some sort of recognition?  Usually I have trouble committing to things for that long.  But the blog and I are very happy together.  Well, maybe not happy.  I mean some of my latest posts have been rather angry and irritable.  But we’re comfortable and alright with the way things are going.  Perhaps in a bit of a slump at the moment, but come on, it’s been a whole year already, what do you expect?

I actually thought I’d missed my blogoversary.  Is that a word?  Is that what people call it?  I wouldn’t know, having never had one before.  Until now.  I’m not very good with dates.  For some reason, I thought I’d written my first blog post in August of last year.  But I checked today, and lo and behold, it was September 5th.  I just remember it being right before the back to school period, because my second and third blog posts were about the back to school period.

The first blog post I ever wrote was about doing the Grouse Grind.  Part of the reason I finally motivated myself to begin the blog was because I wanted to write about my experience.  Sadly, I have not done the grind again since then.  Yet.  I was supposed to do it this summer.  But there’s still time.  Summer’s not over yet.  I’m wearing shorts right now, so it must still be summer.  Although I’m aware that some girls wear shorts during the winter.  And to make matters worse, they wear them with ugg boots.  I’m sorry but I refuse to accept that fashion combination.

Since that date a year ago, I’ve written 151 blog posts.  That’s pretty good, right?  There were a few gaps here and there when I didn’t blog much, but for the most part I’ve kept it going.  And people are still reading it, or so my stats page tells me.  Also people tell me as well.  I think the majority of my readers might be people I’ve never met, but sometimes I’ll run into people I do know and they’ll actually mention my blog.  And I’ll be like “Oh, you read it?”  Because I know it gets views, I just don’t know who is actually doing the viewing.  Unless you like a post or leave a comment.  For all I know, it could be one person viewing it hundreds of times.  I hope that’s not the case.  For my sake and theirs.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really know about tags and categories and links and pictures.  And then I learned.  And then I got lazy and didn’t really use many pictures or links anymore.  I feel like I’ve really been lacking in pictures lately.  And so in the spirit of celebrating my blogoversary, I will now leave you with a few pictures.  And in keeping with the random part of my blog title, “Random and unnewsworthy“, they will be random pictures.  Although perhaps not so random.  Because each of them sort of embodies to some degree, what this blog is all about.

grouse grind

The halfway mark on the Grouse Grind



ubc fences

The fences at UBC

potato chips

Potato Chips




Public transit delays




My family






My blog

Thanks for reading and sticking with me for this long!  The blog and I appreciate it!

The broken door and the broken phone

As you know from my earlier post today, my phone refused to charge last night. I went to Rogers on my way home today and the guy said to take out the battery and do a reboot and that should fix it. He took it and did so. I’d been reluctant to do it myself all day because I knew it would drain the battery even more and I wanted it to last me throughout the day. But he’d gone and done it and there was nothing I could do. When it had rebooted, the battery was essentially dead, my phone flashing, with insufficient coverage to do anything.

We talked about new phones and whether or not I had credit and that blackberry would come out with something new next year. I’m still confused about whether or not I have any credit at the moment. But apparently I have to wait ten months to receive a full credit. Whatever that means. I feel like that’s what they told me ten months ago. What kind of game is this?

I missed a bus since I had stopped at Rogers. But it was okay, another one came. Except it wasn’t okay. Because when we got to the next stop, the front door somehow broke. It wouldn’t close. We sat there for a while, waiting as the driver fiddled with it. He then announced that we’d have to wait because it was broken. And then finally he told us we would have to get off the bus because he couldn’t go anywhere if his door wouldn’t close.

And so we all made our way off. To add insult to injury, the back door closed in front of me while I was trying to get off. We were forced to wait for the next one. The driver eventually managed to pull the door closed. And then he drove away. Wait, what? I was very confused. The reason we had to get off was because the door wouldn’t close and so he couldn’t drive. But he got it closed. And then he drove. Could we not have gotten back on it since he was now able to drive again? I don’t understand!

The thing that bothered me most about this whole ordeal was not the fact that the door broke and made me wait. It was the fact that I couldn’t use my phone while I waited. So I couldn’t facebook or tweet or text or blog about it to complain. It’s as though Translink and blackberry have both joined forces to conspire against me. Do I even stand a chance?

My phone won’t charge

When I came home last night, I plugged in my phone to charge overnight, as I often do.  The battery life sucks and so I usually have to charge it everyday.  When I woke up this morning, I checked it and the battery life was still exactly where it had been last night.  Sometimes this happens because the outlet in my room suck and it becomes unplugged, and therefore does not charge.  But that was not the case this time.  It was still plugged in and still indicated that it was charging.  But it wasn’t.  What the fuck?

I’m worried now.  The battery life is more than half gone already.  I’ve turned off my phone for now in order to preserve it.  What’s annoying is that today I would have actually made a few calls and such but now I won’t because I don’t want to phone to die.  I also have a lot of pictures on my phone that I’ve yet to post or do anything with and I do not want to lose them.  Blogging from my phone is out of the question at this point.

What’s going to happen?  When the battery life finally dies, which will most probably definitely happen later today, will it just never turn back on?  Why won’t it charge?  It’s always charged in the past.  Very slowly, but eventually.  Why not now?  Is the battery just dead?  Or unchargeable somehow?  What do I do?  I’m sort of internally freaking out about it.  My phone and I have always had our differences, but this is just an all new low.  I haven’t even dropped it recently so what’s the deal?

I suppose I’ll take it to Rogers later and complain.  And most likely they will do nothing or try to sell me a battery that’s almost the price of a phone.  Is this a sign that I should just give up the blackberry?  But I’ve stuck with for so long, despite all its problems.  I don’t want to conform to the masses.  I hate touch screens.  I like being able to push actual buttons.  I could never have that with an iPhone.  Why is my blackberry such a bitch?