Cast Away in space

Me: I’m going to go see Cloud Atlas.

Mom: I think it’s like Cast Away, but in space.

Fyi, it’s not. At all. But if they did make a movie like that, I would totally go see it.

Ethnic Sex and the City

Today I was talking to my mom and she said that in her old high school group of friends, she felt like they were like a mini United Nations, because they were such a diverse group. This made me think about one of my old groups of friend and how we had once referred to ourselves as ethnic Sex and the City. Because there were four of us and we were going out for drinks and stuff. And we were a diverse group as well.

Me: In my old group of friends, we were like ethnic Sex and the City.

Mom: And one of you was a slut? It better not have been you.

I reassured her that no, it wasn’t me. I told her that I was the Miranda, because I was bitchy. She seemed to be okay with that.