Did you miss me?

If you didn’t that’s okay.  I was only gone for a week.  Well I wasn’t actually gone.  I was still here.  I just wasn’t blogging.  I’ve gone longer than a week without it before, it’s no big deal, it happens.  I just got busy.  And then I got lazy.  And then I got sick.  And then I recovered. And then got lazy again.  And none of those states were conducive to blogging and so I neglected to do so.

But I’m back.  Even the most frequent and compulsive bloggers need a break sometimes. A couple people had mentioned to me that they could barely keep up with reading all my posts.  And if people don’t have time to read them, what’s the point in writing them at such a frequency?  So I thought I would do the decent thing and slow things down a little.  Did it help?  Are you all caught up now?  Can I pick up the pace once more?

Maybe some of you didn’t even notice that I stopped.  I’m sure some people may have thought “oh good, she’s finally given up on the whole blogging thing and found something better to do with her life.  Thank God we no longer have to be subjected to the useless thoughts that she feels the need to type out all the time.”  Well sorry to disappoint those people.  I still have nothing better to do with my life.

While sickness is behind me for now, laziness and business face off as they often do.  How can one be both incredibly lazy and incredibly busy at times?  I don’t know, it just happens.  But if you ever see a lag in my posts, you can most likely attribute it to one of the two.  Either I’m not home and therefore not at my computer, or I’m home but have opted for something more productive to occupy my time with, like eating or watching TV.

In any case, just wanted to inform you that I may be resuming to my regular blogging, although perhaps not as frequent as before, to allow for my laziness and/or business.  And also to allow for slow readers.  They deserve some accommodations for their needs as well.  Why should only speed readers be accommodated to?  That wouldn’t be fair at all.  And I am all about fairness.  So if you missed my blogging, stay tuned for more.  And if you couldn’t care less, then why are you still reading this?


I went to the library

My new library card

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking what?  Me?  Go to the library?  Why would I go and do something like that?  Well the other day, I had some errands to run and there happened to be a library in the area.  I decided to go in, since I had time to kill and nothing important left to do.  Also I really needed to use the bathroom.  That was pretty much the only reason I went in.  But I thought while I was there I would look around a bit.  And I decided I may as well take out a few books.

But I didn’t have a library card.  I don’t know what happened to it.  I must have lost it at some point.  It hadn’t been used in years.  What purpose would I have to use it?  If I needed to do research for school, I could use the UBC libraries.  Or better yet, I could use the internet.  What need did I have for books?  If I did happen to want to read something for fun, my mom was always taking out books from the library, so I could always just borrow one of hers to read if I had the time to do so.

But it’s been a while since I’ve read for fun.  In school, there were far too many readings already.  I had a bunch of books for my classes that I wasn’t reading.  There would be no point taking out library books so they could sit there unread as well.  But I thought maybe I should start again and occasionally read something because I want to read it.  I do that with blogs right now, but I suppose reading a couple novels couldn’t hurt either.

I applied for a new library card upon realizing I no longer had one.  I think there may have been fines on the previous one.  Oh well.  I ended up taking out six books and they are all due in a month.  Yeah, I’m not going to read them all.  But that’s what renewing is for.  In a second year English class I took, I constantly renewed a couple books for the whole term, because that way I saved money and didn’t have to buy them.  And in a second year Political Science class, I renewed some books about Hobbes like 20 times when I had to write a paper.  And I either misplaced them or just didn’t want to bother taking them back.  Clicking the renew button a bunch of times until they were recalled was just easier.

Have I read any of the six books I took out?  No.  No I have not.  But I did start one of them.  It was about finding a career after graduation.  It has yet to be helpful.  I knew it wouldn’t be, but I thought I’d go ahead and give it a try anyway.  I started reading it at the bus stop and on the bus on my way home that day.  Because that was day 1 of my 2.5 days without my cell phone.  I figured I would use a book as a substitute while my phone recovered.  But ever since getting my phone back, I haven’t touched any of the books.  Go figure.

I realized that one of the reasons I don’t like to borrow books from the library is I tend to misplace them.  I mean I find them soon enough, but occasionally end up with a very small fine.  One year in high school, I think it was Grade 9, I couldn’t get my yearbook on the last day because of an unpaid library fine.  So while everyone else was signing each others’ yearbooks, I had to go to the library and wait there for them to let me pay my stupid fine, I think it was like $2 or something.  And by the time that was over and I got my yearbook, people were getting ready to leave and less eager to sign it.  Not that I would’ve gotten a lot of great messages or anything.  But still.

So now I have six books which I may or may not read before they are due.  Who am I kidding, I definitely won’t.  But I may read a couple.  That much I can manage.  And renew the others.  Or renew them all probably, because when the hell am I going to go back to the library?

The 6 books I borrowed from the library