Dancing in the street

Over a month ago, I went to the Richmond Night Market.  When we were leaving, my friend asked me if I wanted to come to a free swing dance lesson downtown the following afternoon.  She’s been doing swing dancing for quite a few years now with the Vancouver Swing Society.  At first I was hesitant because I’m a terrible dancer.  I wouldn’t say I have two left feet.  I’m pretty sure I have a right one and a left one.  I should know, being a shoe fanatic and all.  And they work perfectly fine, when I’m walking.  But when it comes to dancing, they’re a little slow.  I was assured that no partner and no experience were necessary, which was good since I was lacking both those things.

I decided to wear this awesome shirt that I’d never worn before.  It seemed appropriate for the occasion.  If I was going to do this, why not go all out?

When I went downtown, I noticed a bunch of closing signs for Sears.  I’ve known for a while now that they’re closing but it still makes me sad.

One of my friends had told me that the dancing didn’t cost anything and all I needed to bring with me was bus fare, and money to shop with while I was downtown.  I knew Sears was going to be one of my shopping stops while I was there.

I went to the dance lesson.  We all stood in a circle and then paired up, switching partners throughout the lesson.  Did I mention I suck at dancing?  The people were all really friendly and really patient, which was nice.

There was a booth set up there with a DJ and they played old swing hits from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.  That’s totally not my style of music at all but I guess it worked well for the dancing.

There was a random mix of people who stopped by for the lesson.  Some could actually dance and knew what they were doing.  Some were like me and didn’t have a clue.  I remember the instructor saying “If it feels awkward, then you’re doing it right.”  I really wish that applied to life in general, because then that would mean I’ve done everything right my whole life.

There was a sort of routine step that we were taught to follow.  Rock step, step, step, step.   That’s what the instructors announced as we followed what they were doing.  There were also spins.  I remember spins.  I’m bad at spins.  It took me a while to figure out which direction I was supposed to spin in.

After the lesson, there was just free for all dancing while the music played.  I stuck around for that for a bit.  It was fun and different.  More and more people started to join as it went on.

I didn’t stay for too long though because I needed a break.  I’m glad I went though.  When people ask you to dance at swing dancing on the street, it’s less creepy than the ones who try and dance with you at the clubs.  They genuinely enjoy dancing here, and there’s no groping or trying to get you to go home with them.

I decided to wear my comfortable shoes for this.  I bought these with the intent of wearing them to the gym.  But who am I kidding, when am I going to go to the gym?

The dancing tired me out and so I went to London Drugs to get some water.  No one needs 1.5 litres all at once, unless you’re doing the grouse grind, but I bought it anyway and carried it around.

While downtown, I was handed some H&M coupons.  I used them towards socks.  Because you can never have enough socks.
Sadly, I found nothing that sparked my interest at Sears.  Maybe I won’t miss it for the shopping, as I didn’t actually buy much at that location.  I guess I’ll just miss the fact that it’s there.  I wasted time shopping when I could have stuck around and danced some more.  I regret that now, especially since when I walked past them later, they were dancing to Hall and Oates.  I’m sad I missed that.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go attend any of the other Dancing in the Street events this summer.  But apparently you can see me in the Province’s video for the event I did attend.  Just briefly though, I’m awkwardly in the corner.  I also think I still have the coupon they gave me for a free dance lesson.  Anyone want to go swing dancing?

I went back to the night market

You may recall a while ago I wrote a post about going to the Richmond Night Market.  Well you knew I couldn’t stay away for too long and that I’d be back sooner than later.  This time, it wasn’t just about the food.  I went earlier and spent more time in the non food area as well before indulging in the goodness prepared by the food vendors.

They spelled stationary wrong at this booth.  Stationary with an a refers to something standing still, like a stationary bike.  Stationery with an e is what they really meant, as it refers to various writing supplies and whatnot.

I seem to have this newfound obsession with sunglasses.  Night market sunglasses mostly.  I like this style but I wasn’t sure if I could pull off wearing them because of how red they were.

I can, however, pull these ones off, right?  I don’t really understand them but at the same time I kind of do.  They’re kind of like those shutter sunglasses but better.  I would have bought them except for the fact that I couldn’t exactly see properly while wearing them.  That and the fact that they do nothing whatsoever to protect my eyes from the sun.

I didn’t buy these either but I do like them.  They kind of have a unique shape.  Maybe I’ll buy them next time I go?  Or maybe they’re too big?

I’m very indecisive, especially with sunglasses, as I find it extremely difficult to find a pair that do me justice.

They had lots of booths selling clothes.  I like how the sign said “Feminine”.  You know, as opposed to all the masculine dresses and skirts they had?

I had a mishap with my phone while trying to take a picture and ended up with this randomness.  But my left shoe managed to make its way into the shot.  It’s such a camera whore.

It’s really smart that they were selling $2 flip flops, as you do a lot of walking at the Night Market.  I’m pretty sure some people mistakenly wear uncomfortable shoes and later regret their footwear decision.

They have a lot of stationery booths.  I like how this one sold fans.

We couldn’t stay away from the food for too long.  Walking around works up an appetite.

Again, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of options.

But this time I had a better idea of what I wanted.

I obviously had to get a Japanese corn dog.  I mean come one, would wouldn’t want something that was coated with fries?

Rice burgers are really good too.

I don’t know why, but I always get excited when the bun isn’t actually a bun.

I was slightly disappointed by the false advertising, as I realized that the corn dogs were coated in hash browns, not fries.  But I like hash browns too, so it was okay.  But someone should really let them know that there’s a difference.

I watched as they had the rice buns on the grill.

Rice burgers are probably a lot healthier than regular burgers.

When I got my corn dog, my name was spelled wrong.

Dominic is the guy version of my name.

But all in all, the corn dog was pretty satisfying.

I was so disappointed that the mini-chicken teriyaki burgers sold out.  I mean they have yam fries in them.  That sounds so good!  I am definitely getting one next time.  This booth will have to be my first stop.

Apparently Cookie Monster’s version of YOLO is “You obviously love oreos”.  I kind of liked that.

There’s still so much more food I want to try.

Bubble waffles sound really good.

These things were so unbelievable good.

I decided on the strawberry mango icy.  A lot of fruit, a lot of slushy, and vanilla ice cream on top.  It was amazing.  You don’t need to buy a drink if you get this because the slushy part is pretty much a drink in itself.  Perfect for a hot day.

And the ice cream doesn’t melt because it’s sitting on top of the slushy.  So naturally I saved some ice cream for the very end.  Because I could.

I was very confused by the drink specials at this place.  Whatever doesn’t really mean whatever?  Well what does it mean then?  What’s in the drink?  That tells me nothing about it whatsoever.

Loving someone who used to love you?  What the hell is that supposed to taste like?  And is it a good taste?  It sounds like it might not be.

Why would you want bitter bubble tea?  And I guess you have to wait longer for the patience one?  But what does it taste like?

What does the blueness of the sky taste like?  Or the 6th night?  What does that even mean?  I guess these drinks are appealing for people who are adventurous and like to be surprised.

I’m really glad they had indoor plumbing.  I was expecting porta potties or something, which would have been highly unpleasant.  Thank God for these bathrooms.  Although the floors were dirty.  But there were running toilets, so I can’t complain.

They had a booth with leggings and fishnet stockings.  I obviously had to buy a pair.  While we were debating, they gave us a deal so we could buy three pairs and each get one, for cheaper than if we bought them separately.  Sometimes it pays to be indecisive.

I found a booth that had a whole wall of nickel free earrings.  I’m allergic to a lot of jewellery and I love earrings, so it’s like this booth was made for me.

There were necklaces too but only some of them were nickel free.  But there were quite a few nice ones that were.

I think there should be more places like this one so that I don’t feel left out when it comes to jewellery.  It’s always nice having options.

I bought a chain with a pendant and matching earrings.  I had to go with purple since it would match a lot of my outfits.

There was some sort of dancing happening on the stage for entertainment.

These back supports things that you put on chairs are supposed to make you sit up straighter or something.  They’re pretty comfortable but didn’t seem like an essential thing to buy.

I took home the bowl from the icy because I could.  My mom asked why and told me to throw it away.  But I refused because it’s good enough to reuse.  Although I’m not sure where it is at this point.

My first non food related purchase was sunglasses again.  This time they were $4.  I remember Sunglasses At Night was playing when I entered the night market.  Which of course was very fitting, seeing as I was in fact wearing them.

I love my silver chain and purple flower pendant.  It’s probably my favourite night market purchase so far.

I thought I’d buy some earrings that were sort of flashy and sort of classy at the same time.

And of course a pair of purple earrings to match my necklace.

And I’m excited to wear my fishnets as well, though I’ve yet to open up the package.  I’m hoping I can find a special occasion where I can wear my fishnets with my jewellery and my sunglasses.  Or maybe I’ll just wear them all next time I go to the night market.

It’s all about the food

So I went to the new Richmond Night Market a few weekends ago.  You know, when it wasn’t raining excessively.  The weather wasn’t overly great, but it was a lot better than it’s been lately.  After leaving the Petite Feet Shoe Sale at the Richmond Olympic Oval in disappointment, the night market was a much better experience.

I was kind of annoyed to discover that the price of admission had gone up by 50 cents.  I mean $1.50 isn’t a lot, but they must make a bundle since crap loads of people attend every weekend, many of them going back several times.  And it’s upsetting because the other night market has always been free to get into.

But nevertheless, we went in.  I, stupidly, did not have a lot of cash with me.  I never do.  Unless I plan ahead.  But this was sort of a spontaneous outing.  But luckily I had enough to cover the cost of food.  Which is the whole reason for going really.  And luckily I had some change, so I didn’t have to break a twenty right away just to pay for admission.

I was so overwhelmed by all the food options.  I really did not know how I was going to decide.  How do people decide these things?  There are way too many choices.  I wanted to try everything.  Well, not everything.  There are certain things that aren’t necessarily that appealing to me.  But a lot of it was.

The potato on a stick things, or rotatos, as they call them, were all the rage.  The lineup for those things was massive.  I wasn’t sure if I should get one, but I do love potatoes, so I thought, why not?

And I couldn’t not have meat.  Meat on a stick to be more specific.  There were different kinds to choose from.  All I knew was that I was definitely going to get something that was wrapped in bacon.

I think the meat skewers were definitely a good choice.  I mean I know there are other things that are more out of the ordinary that I could have tried, but you can never go wrong with a cup filled with meat on stick.

The bacon wrapped sausage was really good.  It reminded me of those little cocktail weenies that come in a tin can.  But with bacon.  And everything’s better with bacon.

Apparently the rotato vendors decided to take it upon themselves to display a bunch of random things that you can do with a rotato.  I personally am perfectly fine with just eating it.

The garlic chicken skewer was good too.  It didn’t come with any bacon though.  But I guess not everything needs bacon.  But it couldn’t hurt.

The potato on a stick thing was good.  I got mine ketchup flavoured.  I thought they’d be like  chips because of the way they looked, but they’re thicker than that.

Yam fries are always good.  Pretty much any carbs are good really.  These came with honey garlic mayo.  Next time I want to try the corn dog that’s covered with them.

And I definitely have to try the XXXL Bratwurst.  16 inches with sauerkraut.  I have to.  It’s apparently unique and special so why wouldn’t I?  Or maybe I should start with the corn dog and work my way up?  You know, just in case I’m not ready to handle that much meat.

The annoying thing about the night market is that I hate crowds.  It’s one of those places where my love for food and my hatred of crowds have to face each other.  And as it should be, love overcomes hate.

They also have great desserts there.  Like ice cream churros.  Apparently these weren’t the greatest but were still okay.

They have bunch of things that are deep fried.  Like deep fried ice cream, which I will try next time.  But this time I opted for deep fried green onion pancakes.

I would have liked to try everything on that menu.  It all looked so good.

I liked their green fridge.  It seemed really retro looking.

Green onion pancakes are so crispy.  I was very happy I decided to get them.

I decided the last thing I would get was juice.  This was my effort to be healthy.

I got a giant cup of strawberry mango juice.  It was very refreshing.  I feel like this is what people have when they go one juice fasts.  Not that I ever would.  Clearly.

They also had strawberry Nutella crepes.  Which I believe were better than the churros.  But I decided to pass on those.

After the food, we eventually went over to the non-food booths.  The one non-food related thing I was looking to buy was a pair of sunglasses.  So I tried some on.  I liked these, but the little bow on the side made me feel like I was eight years old.

We made our way over to the wishing trees.  Where people seemed to be taking pictures amidst the bright lights.

And so naturally we did the same.  The night market is all about the food.  But this blog is all about me.

This is probably the closest I will come to climbing a tree.  Is that sad?  Actually wait, I’m pretty sure I actually did climb a few trees several years ago.  Not sure when or if I’ll ever be doing that again.

I actually finished my entire cup of juice.  Not that I doubted I would.  I just downed it pretty quickly.

As we continued walking, we noticed they had a booth there promoting the shoe sale.  You know, the one we had gone to earlier that day.  The one where all I bought was a pair of walking shoes.  And now they were trying to entice me to go back?  I don’t think so.

I wore my sunglasses after I purchased them.  Because I didn’t have a case with me at the time and didn’t want to wreck them right away.  Going back home, my friend asked “Are you wearing your sunglasses at night?”.  To which I replied “Yes.  Yes I am.” and then I proceeded to sing some Corey Hart.

All in all, I am very happy with my one non-food related purchase.  I sort of ran out of cash to be able to buy anything else.  I kind of want to go back to get one of those gel pack heating pad things that heat up automatically with the push of a button.  But more importantly, I want to go back to try more food.  Because that’s what it’s all about.

But I think I’ll wait until the weather’s better.  So I can wear my sunglasses again.