Blogging from my blackberry: My morning commute

So I recently downloaded the WordPress for blackberry app on my phone. I figured, why not test it out and see if I can write a blog post from it? What better way to pass the time while commuting?

I’m annoyed right now. I know, what else is new? I think the title of my autobiography should be “I’m annoyed”, since I pretty much always am.

On another note, this guy at the sky train station has a jacket and on the back of it, instead of “keep calm and carry on”, it says “time to panic”. I want that.

So why am I annoyed? Well my bus schedules got changed. So I tried to adapt to them. I left earlier today. But then my bus came late anyway. Always happens. Without fail. Causing me to fail.

And there was this guy on my bus route that I always find annoying. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just his face? I dropped something from my bag and then picked it up and then he stared at me like he was judging me. Also he walks slow when he gets on the bus & it takes forever for him to move to I can get past him.

Also the people on the canada line are annoying me. They were doing so before we even began to move. At least I got a seat though. I wanted to eat some of my lunch since I didn’t have breakfast. But the guy beside me coughed. How dare he? Also his bag is over the dividing line of the seats.

And the woman standing next to me is standing way too close. Well she was standing way too close. I am no longer on the train now. But she was basically elbowing me. And her bag kept hitting me. And someone sighed and breathed loudly.

Okay, looking back it’s not that annoying. This is actually one of the more pleasant morning commutes that I’ve had. So far. Here’s hoping it only gets better…

11 thoughts on “Blogging from my blackberry: My morning commute

  1. After the journey from hell it has to get better,
    I think the guy who coughed needed a cork
    somewhere, well wherever you fancy I guess? šŸ™‚
    Okay this is my first visit to your Space so I will
    be on my best behaviour, I wouldn’t want this to
    be my first and my very last visit all in one go šŸ˜¦
    You have done well to add this one from your
    Blackberry so I must take a longer journey and
    see what other talents you have besides techno
    and keeping your cool whilst commuting with a
    bunch of Neanderthals šŸ™‚

    Have a very nice afternoon / evening / morning
    and of course a wickedly fine Thursday too šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚



  2. :)) I downloaded that app too…To be honest, I’ve never written a post on it, but it sure comes in handy when answering comments:) Heres hoping you write some more on the commuite posts because this one was pretty enjoyable:)


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